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The idea behind this dictionary, or glossary, if you will, first came about when I started researching Indian desserts.  As I immersed myself deeper and deeper into the subject I soon began to drown in the sheer quantity of it all.  So, to keep my head at least partially above water I began to develop a sort of taxonomy of dessert.  For though the genus of dessert is vast, you can make some sense of it if you break it down into its constituent
species and subspecies.  There are, for example many kinds of halvah in India but they are all made using more or less the same technique.  You could say much the same about American pies or Viennese tortes.  The names can be baffling however, thus my attempt to compile them here.  I realize this is ultimately a futile task, and that this will remain a perpetual  beta.  If  Wikipedia can’t list them all (or get the facts right) how can I presume to do better?  Well, at least I can make a start.  And if you have any suggestion, corrections or additions please let me know.  I will credit one and all.