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Napoleon US, millefeuille France, millefoglie  Italy

Sheets of puff pastry are layered with vanilla pastry cream and then cut into single, rectangular-shaped portions.  The filling is occasionally flavored with fruit and the top is often iced with fondant.

nātif  Middle East (medieval)

A nougat-like confection made with honey, egg whites and nuts, perfumed with musk, ambergris and mastic. nātif

neige France (mostly 17th century)

See ice cream.

okashi Japan

A general Japanese term encompassing all sorts of sweets and snacks. These can be both sweet and savory, ranging from candy bars to seaweed snacks.  okashi

olie bollen, oliekoecken Netherlands

Literally “oil balls” or “oil cakes” these are the Dutch version of doughnuts.  They are usually in the form of ping-pong-ball-sized fritter,, sprinkled generously with powdered sugar. For a 17th century recipe see Peter Rose’s translation at  See also doughnutsoliekoecken

Oreos United States

Sandwich cookies made by the Nabisco Company since 1912.  According to some accounts, more of these chocolate-colored disks filled with a shortening-based, vanillin-flavored “cream” have been sold than any other factory-made cookie (450 billion as of 2002).  Presumably American children like them so much because they are fun to pull apart – it can’t possibly be the taste.  Oreos