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taiyaki Japan

A fish-shaped cake baked with a red bean paste filling.  taiyaki

tavuk göğsü Turkey

A kind of pudding made with ground chicken breast, milk and almond  The dish can be traced to medieval Arab recipes.  Something similar was adopted under the the name blancmange, bianco-mangiare, etc. in medieval Europe where is was wildly popular for several centuries.

thong yawd Thailand

To make this dessert, tear-shaped drops of a yolk mixture are cooked in a sugar syrup. Very probably, the dessert is originally derived from a Portuguese technique used to make trouxas das caldas and similar egg-yolk based sweets.  thong yawd

tiramisù Italy

Tiramisù, literally “pick-me-up,” is clearly a descendant of the earlier zuppa inglese. Here too are layers of sponge cake or ladyfingers, soaked with booze and layered with a creamy mixture. It’s just that mascarpone is used instead of custard, and coffee is added to the mix. The dessert is relatively new, appearing for the first time in Treviso in the 1960s; the recipe appeared in print only in 1981. There are several claimants who profess parentage. Giuseppe Maffioli, who first jotted down the rec- ipe, alleges that it was invented in 1961 at a Treviso restaurant called Alle Beccherie, by a pastry chef named Loly Linguanotto.

titola Italy

A small, sweet braided loaf that contains a colored egg, typical of Easter celebrations in Italy’s Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

Photo: Monica Rubino


Toll house cookie US

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tong shui, tong sui China

A dessert soup or custard associated with Taiwan.  These soups may be served hot or cold and include such ingredients as jellied bean curd,  tapioca, snow fungus (a tropical tree fungus) and others.

trifle UK

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Turkish delight Turkey, Middle East

See lokum.

unni-āppam India

A spongy fritter made of rice flour, plantain, jackfruit, and jaggery (raw palm sugar).  Apparently a favorite of the god Ganesh in parts of southern India.  unni-āppam