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I’ve divided up the following along a taxonomy of my own invention and while there may be some question about which dessert belongs where and there are certainly desserts that combine two or more techniques it’s at least an attempt at a global approach to the issue.  The recipes are mine (inasmuch as anyone can lay claim to a recipe).  Where they closely follow someone else’s recipe, I’ve tried to give credit where credit is due.  The collection is somewhat random and eclectic, but it amuses me and I hope it will amuse you as well.

Puddings and Custards

Chocolate Bombe

Chocolate Gianduia Squares

Pudim de vinho do Porto

orange and port flan

Pumpkin Amaretto Cheesecake

Semifreddo di ananas

frozen Pineapple soufflé


medieval nut sausage

Doughy desserts

Ciambelle Scotolate

aniseed rings

Pastry and Cookies

Brutti ma buoni

hazelnut meringue cookies

Caak aux Amandes

Tunisian almond stuffed cookies

Vanilkové rohlíčky

almond crescent cookies



cherry squares

Fritters and Doughnuts

Dita degli apostoli

ricotta cream-filled crepes

Bolinhos de Jerimu

pumpkin fritters

Frittele da Imperador Magnifici

ricotta fritters